Thursday, August 30, 2012

What should I read? Where can I find articles on MUET topics?

muet student (ms): Ms Tang, what should I read?
me: What do you mean?
ms: What do I read for MUET?
me: Well, what do you need to read up on? Think of the topics.
ms: General issues?
me: Well, what kind of general issues?
ms: crime? travel? politics? social issues?
me: yeah, those and many others.
ms: whare can i find this information?
me: its too late to read just books if you're taking the test in November. Newspapers are a good source of information.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

another great website for uni students and MUET candidates

Many MUET candidates tell me this, "I don't know what to write for opinion essay." and "I don't have any ideas for opinion essay."

"Well, it's usually a long term process. You would have to read widely, watch relevant videos, listen to relevant podcast." I would answer.

Anyways, students would ask me these questions, really close to the MUET dates. How to read up on the necessary in 3 or 4 weeks?

"Well, you have to be strategic in your reading. What do you need to read up on? What kind of issues? Search for those sites. Any little bit of effort counts and can go a long way."

A great website for uni students and MUET candidates.




15 lessons x 2 hours = 30 hours

54 more days to the speaking test
80 more days to the listening, writing and reading test

This is an intensive MUET course.
Classes are held every Monday and Tuesday at 7.30 to 9.30pm.
Classes are held in Cheras.

For those who have registered, see you for class.
For those who have yet to register, please call me at 014 639 6212 to book your place.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Essential Study Tools for MUET Candidates

It is important to write and use academic / formal English for the MUET writing component.
A systematic way to improve on vocabulary, in addition to reading, is for students to use the thesaurus. Either the paperback thesaurus or online thesaurus.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MUET Writing Task 1: Report Writing Sample

This is a sample for report writing. There are a few general rule of thumbs for this question; meet the 150 words requirement and don't exceed 200 words, don't include any explanation, elaboration or examples of your own and write in paragraphs.

This is a sample for a decent mark.

MUET WRITING TASK 1 (40 marks)

The chart shows how students on all courses at a Malaysian university viewed different subjects on a scale of easy to difficult. You should write 150 to 200 words.

                    The bar chart shows whether students at a Malaysian university rated different subjects as easy, moderately difficult or difficult.
                    The subject which was most commonly rated as difficult was maths, by 70% of students. Only 20% saw it as easy. Physics was also largely judged to be a difficult or moderately difficult subject. Only 25% of students viewed it as easy. By contrast, chemistry was regarded as easy by a massive 70% of students.
                    As far as language subjects are concerned, languages in general were seen as easy by 40% of students. This percentage dropped to 20% for oriental languages. African languages, however, were viewed as easy by 60% of students. Next, Art was judged to be an easy subject by only 30% of students and like Physics, 50% rated it as difficult.
       In conclusion, there seems to be no clear correspondence between the type of subject and whether it was generally rated as easy or difficult.


MUET schedule for October/November 2012

The countdown begins!
As of today, 67 days to MUET Speaking. 93 days to MUET Writing, Listening & Reading.