Thursday, December 13, 2012

Part 1: 4 MUST-KNOWs / Tips for MUET Speaking

Speaking! The fun part of MUET. With a little know-how and practice, this part of the test can be ACED!

Here are 4 MUST-KNOWs / Tips for Speaking.

must know #1: The speaking test is quite predictable.
Why do I say so? It's because the structure is fixed so you'll know what to expect in the test and you can practice for it.

must know #2: There are 2 parts; the individual turn and the group interaction.
Students will be grouped into groups of 3 or 4 candidates. You will be given time to prepare your answers. Use this preparation time wisely.

must know #3: Keep it simple.
Don't start long and complicated sentences if you don't know how to finish them. Keep your sentences simple and words understandable.

must know #4: Remember to breathe.
Whenever you feel nervous, uncomfortable, uneasy during the test for any reason, remember to take a deep breath and then focus on the question. If you allow your fear to build up, panic or going blank, might set in. So, remember to breathe and gather your thoughts. Don't worry about pausing for a minute during the test.

This is post 1 on the speaking test; just a little introduction. Look out for my next post, where i'll expain a little more about the different sections of the speaking test.