Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All the best Feb/March MUET candidates!

Last Sunday, completed my last MUET lesson for the Feb/March candidates. This time around it was 138 candidates. You guys have worked hard and it was intense! Hope all your efforts pay off.

Remember to relax and chill this week. No point stressing unnecessarily at this point. You guys already know what to do. You have been eating, breathing and dreaming about MUET since our class in December 2012/ January 2013.

Get your stationery, ID and slip ready on Friday. Start sleeping well from Thursday onwards cause you might be too excited to sleep on Friday night : )

Finally, all the best to all Feb/March MUET candidates. Give it your all this Saturday.

Just a quick reminder to my MUET students.

For listening, remember to predict as many answers as possible. Write down possible answers by the side, don't worry about trying to fit the exact words or fret about spelling yet. You have time to consider that later.

For reading, remember to skim and scan for answers, KEY WORDS are crucial. It helps you keep focus rather then reading the entire passage, it's a waste of precious time.

For writing, remember to allocate time accordingly, for task 1, remember to plan as we do in class, and write in the format you've learned in class. For task 2, remember to look for the general subject and specific task in order to intepret the question accurately and plan according to the structure you've learned as well.

All the best, waiting to hear good news from all of you when the results are out.

Hope when you guys call, text or email me, you guys would be in university pursuing your law, medicine, business, IT, biotechnology degrees. As for those, who need Band 3 or 4 to graduate from university, I hope you'll be calling from your new job.

: )