Saturday, March 16, 2013

Part 2: 2 more Must Knows for Speaking

This is Part 2 of the speaking series.

Many students ask me this question. How should I speak in the MUET speaking component? Like having a conversation? Like talking to a friend?

Well, it depends. How do you speak when speaking to your friend?

Would you speak in the MUET speaking component like speaking with a friend i.e. a casual conversation?

Its important to note that the MUET speaking is not the same as daily conversation or speaking.
Think of it as acting. Yes, acting.

Must know #1: Use the PEE format when speaking.

P stands for Point
E stands for Explanation
E stands for Example

Must know #2: Use signposting phrases. It informs and guides the examiner and other candidates on what you are about to say.

When giving your points: Say, First of all, Secondly, Next, Finally...............
When giving explanation. Say, please allow me to explain on my point.......
When giving examples: Say, Please allow me to give you an example..........