Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MUET Results June 2014

That time has arrived again!

Congrats to my students who have obtained the bands they need for their university course / graduation.

Lots of Band 3s and 4s.

A big hooray for those who finally obtain band 3 to graduate from UTAR, MMU and Band 4 for IMU and UM.


Hope the results from these 2 young ladies will serve as encouragement that it can be done. They attended classes with me for their June 2014 MUET. They needed Band 4 and 3 respectively. Well, with hard work, they obtained the results they needed. Congrats girls!

Amirah was from UITM whilst Pui Man was from UTAR.

Azlan, similar to his classmates above, improved and obtained Band 3 which is the band the university requires.

These students were determined, as they obtained lower bands in their initial self study attempts, however, they persisted and tried the MUET again. This time succeeding in their efforts.