Friday, November 9, 2012

Good Luck MUET Candidates!

Hi All,

All the best to my students and MUET candidates who'll be sitting for the final 3 papers of MUET.

Remember to manage your time properly for the various components.

For listening, use the reading time wisely, seach out KEY words and PREDICT the possible answers.
Don't despair if you missed a question or two, move on and focus for the next section.

For reading, remember to utilise the reading skills we practiced in class, skim for gist and scan for key words. Circle questions which you are unsure of and come back to them later.

For writing task 1, spend time planning your answer, plan on the graphs, identify the general trends and specific details.

For writing task 2, spend time on reading and understanding the question, identify the general subject and specific task. PLAN your answer. Use the connective phrases. Use the essay structure which you have learned in class.

You have worked hard in class and spend time on your MUET revision.
Just do your best tomorrow.

Good Luck!