Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Past Year Speaking Questions: Theme: National Service

Past Year Speaking Questions
Theme: National Service
May 2005
Task 1
You and your friends have to go for National Service training. How could you help prepare yourself for this event?

A You feel that you should prepare yourself to be physically fit
B You should learn to be more independent
C You should get to know more about the different cultures in Malaysia
D You should get involved in community service
Task 2
Which of the following would be the most useful way to prepare oneself for NS?
October 2007
Task 1
It is generally agreed that the National Service Programme can be improved. Suggest some ways in which the NSP can be enhanced. Elaborate.
A. Boys and girls should be placed in separate camps
B. The NSP should be compulsory for all youths
C. The duration of the programme should be extended
D. The facilities at the camps should be upgraded
Task 2
Which is the most useful suggestion to improve the NSP?