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Past Year Speaking Questions: Theme: Crime

Past Year Speaking Questions - Crime

June 2001

There has been an increase in burglaries in your neighbourhood and the residents are very worried about their safety. A committee has been set up to look into this matter. As a member of the committee, suggest ways to make the neighbourhood a safer place.

Task 1 Individual
A. You suggest the residents improve safety features of neighbourhood. Give reasons for your suggestion. B. A police officer be invited to talk on security measures C. Residents be taught to defend themselves against intruders. D. “Rukun Tetangga” teams be set up to patrol the neighbourhood at night

Task 2 Group Discussion
Discuss the best way to make the neighbourhood a safer place.

May 2002

As members of the Neighbourhood Watch, you and your friends are concerned about the increase in the number of petty crimes (handbag snatching, stealing of shoes, and breaking into cars) in your neighbourhood. You suggest one reason for this increase.

Task 1 Individual
A. In your opinion, the rise in petty crimes is caused by the increase in the number of drug addicts. Give reasons to support your opinion.  B. the increase in the number of illegal immigrants C. the lack of interest shown by the public D. the increase in the number of unemployed

Task 2 Group Discussion
Discuss which one of the following reasons is the main cause for the increase in petty crimes.

October 2002

Lately there have been several break-ins and vandalism on your school premises. There is a great need to improve security. Your School Board welcomes suggestions from anyone. You would like to recommend a security measure.

Task 1 Individual
A. You feel that the school authorities should employ security guards for the school. Justify your opinion. B. Install an alarm system C. Install grills on all doors & windows D. Get police to make regular patrols.

Task 2 Group Discussion
Discuss which is the most effective measure to improve security in school.

October 2007
Crimes against children, such as kidnapping, assault and abuse, are on the increase. The Social Welfare Department invites suggestions from the public on what can be done to protect children from such crimes.

Task 1 Individual
A. You suggest that children should be taught how to protect themselves. Elaborate. B. The school authorities should take safety measures to protect children while they are at school C. The government should impose more severe punishment on those who commit crimes against children.
D. Parents should take greater responsibility in ensuring the safety of their children.

Task 2 Group Discussion
Which is the most effective suggestion to protect children against crimes?